Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dylusions meets alcohol inks on suitcase lid..

Hi beautiful people!
So, I've got this small suitcase with some of my pens and pencils + + which I use for my journaling. 
This weekend I decided to decorate the lid of it...

I used various Dylusions stamps and coloured them with Adironack alcohol inks...

Here's what you need..
I usually use Archival ink on all my projects, but on this I used StazOn, since it's a solvent ink pad. It dries quickly and the stamped images last long.

 Dried Alcohol ink of various colours. I use the ink pallette from Tim Holtz.

The Adirondack fillable ink pen, filled with Blending solution. With this pen you pick up any of the colours above. Before changing colour, just scribble a bit on the craft sheet, and the pen will clean itself. 
Neat, huh?

Note! Alcohol inks will erase each other. This means that you have to colour with just one layer (not scribble back and forth), or else the stamp that you colour will smudge.

And last, but not least, some stash to put in the suitcase! :)

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