Sunday, 27 March 2016

Bird Crazy tag with Distress Crayons background

I've made a tag with one of the amusing birds from Tim Holtz' stamp set Bird Crazy. The background is made with Distress Crayons. 

The bow and circle are cut out of black bazzill with dies from Rayher, sold exclusively at Connie's Hobbykunst. 

Here's how I made the background:
First I scribbled different colours of Distress Crayons on the tag and rubbed it out with my finger.

I then removed some of the colour with a baby wipe through a stencil. I had prepped the tag with matte media on beforehand to be able to removed more of the colour and get greater contrast.

I then added a later of colour through a stencil using a makeup sponge. 

..and repeated with a new colour and stencil. 

Then all I had to do was mount it all together, and the tag was done! 

Have a wonderful day, and happy Easter!
Siv xxx


  1. Really cute tag. I saw it on Pinterest.

  2. This is one the cutest tags I have seen! It is gorgeous with the colors, bird, stenciling just everything is perfect!

  3. Do/Can you seal this with wax to make it permanent?

    1. I didn't seal this tag, but sure, you could do that.

  4. very cute. I have a question. You are applying additional color through a stencil using a make up sponge. Are you applying the crayon to the sponge? How are you getting the color on the sponge? Thanks

    1. Hi Karen!
      I applied the crayon directly to the sponge, then worked it in a bit on my crafting mat before applying it through the stencil. Hope that made sense.
      Thanks. Siv x


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