Friday, 12 July 2013

A weekend with Dyan Reaveley

The last weekend this June I was fortunate enough to attend a weekend workshop with her majesty Dyan Reaveley at Art From The Heart. The workshop was called "Homemade books and journals".
Here's my little recap..

Friday I left for Manchester Airport from Oslo-Gardermoen via Sola-Stavanger.
 The flights were pleasant, but when I went to collect my luggage at Manchester, my suitcase was missing. It turned out it was still at Stavanger.. Typical, just my luck! Oh well...

From Manchester Airport I went by train to Leeds and from there to Harrogate. Finally, after ten hours of travelling, I was there!!

About 45 minutes after arriving, I got a taxi (missed the train - typical!) to Art From The Heart. I was super excited!!!!!
 Yaaaayyyy!!! I'm in the Queen's palace!!!

Here are some sneek peeks into the studio, with all the lovelies playing along with Dyan.

And the Queen herself in action!
 Make big puddles!!
 Put another paper on top...

Here's a couple of the pages for my sown book.

 Inky fingers!

On Saturday, my luggage had arrived the hotel, and I finally had my journaling stuff at hand. So after having dinner with a couple of really lovely ladies, I went to my very own studio - lol!
 There was of course a desk in my bedroom, but the lighting there was rubbish. So the bathroom was the next best thing! If there's a will, there's a way... lol

 There's nothing like journaling in your PJs!!

 And here's as far as I got with the page. Love the colours!!!

Now let me present the three journals I made during the weekend:

And here are all the lovelies who attended the workshop
 A great group of girls!!! I hope I can meet them again!

Of course, when you're at AFTH, some shopping is manditory... lol! Here's what I got:

I also had time for about 15 minutes of shopping in town as well.. Love the bracelets I got for myself!

While waiting for various trains and planes on my way home to Norway, I had time to finish two pages in my smallest journal. I absolutely love the stamps from Stampotique! They're really hard to get in Norway, so I stamped away as much as I could when I borrowed Dyan's.. hehe...

So that was my weekend at Art From The Heart. I must say, Dyan really impresses me. She is a wonderful artist, a loving mother and such a wonderful person! I loved being at her studio - the atmosphere was so relaxed and natural - not "stiff" like it sometimes tends to be at workshops back home.
I sure hope Dyan will arrange another weekend workshop, or workshops in two-three days in a row next summer as well! If so, I will be there!!!!! :)

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who were at AFTH, to Ali who made delicious food for us, and a huge hug and MWAH to her colourful majesty, Queen Dyan!

Siv xx


  1. Wow Siv!
    What a trip! Dyan is the best :)

  2. It was such a pleasure having you my lovely Siv!!
    I hope your are in elf training mode lol xx

  3. ohhh so envious! I'm glad you had a fabulous time Siv and that it turned out awesome even though your luggage took the scenic route.

    Your pages and journals are fantastic.


  4. Amazing! Looks like you had a great get away!!!

  5. Så kjekt du har hatt det på kurset !!
    Ser du har fått masse inspirasjon, funnet fram kreativiteten, laget flotte AJ sider, og shoppingen var det heller ikke noe å si på, flotte bilder og koselig fortelling fra turen !!
    Kjekt at du deler :)

  6. So glad you had a fab time for your first visit to Harrogate Siv! It's always a pleasure to look after our weekenders - I feed the body while Dy feeds the soul!

    Hope to see you again very soon


  7. Kjenner et lite stikk av misunnelse nå altså. Kurs med dylan er jo bare helt fantastisk. Og sidene du har lagt ut her er jo helt fantastiske. Og de armbåndene du kjøpte.. sukk... me want to ;-)

  8. Det måste ha varit en fantastisk upplevelse!!


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