Saturday 16 March 2013

Crackled glass bell

I got this glass bell from Melissa Frances as a challenge from Connie at Hobbykunst. "Do what you like with it," she said.. Cool! :)
I immediately thought of a vintage bottle that Wendy Vecchi once made using crackle paint. It's on her blog somewhere.. I decided to use her technique for my glass bell.

First I primed the glass bell with multi medium matte from Claudine Hellmuth/Ranger. If you skip this step, the crackle paint will just fall off if you touch it once it's dry.. So, very important!

Once dry, I gave it a generous coat of Distress Crackle paint - Clear rock candy. Then all I had to do was wait patiently...

Crackles beginning to emerge!

Then, when the crackle paint had done its part, all I had to do was to decorate the now crackled glass bell inside and out!

I made a decoration from different Mathia flowers, which I glued to the base (that I'd painted in a light pink colour) with my glue gun. Once this was set, I fixed the bell to the base and decorated the outside with some pink string, a charm and a bird on top, and some lace on the bottom. I used a textile pearl pen to make some pearls on the lace.

Here's the finished project:

This was a fun project!
It looks quite fancy, but it was SO easy to make! Why don't you try it?

Have a great weekend!
Siv xx


  1. Here from Tim's link on Twitter.

    Your bell is beautiful. It looks so elegant. You have given me some ideas for a few glass pieces I have laying around.

  2. Saw this on Mario's twitter...Your piece is amazing! Thanks for sharing the "how to".

  3. very nice! this is a fun technique!

  4. This is amazing! Turned out absolutely fabulous. x

  5. Så fin den ble med krakelering!!

  6. This is terrific! THANK YOU! You know if it would be ok to use on a glass light shade (to go on a vanity)?

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