Monday 27 February 2012

Tim Holtz and Dyan Reaveley demo at Bikuben, Norway

On Friday Feb 24 I was in every papercrafter's heaven. Tim Holtz and Dyan Reaveley were demoing at Bikuben, Norway's best papercrafting store (in my opinion), and I was there!!!

We were a group of 60 people who were divided into two. First I saw Dyan. Wow - isn't she just amazing?! Such vibrant, gorgeous colors, and WHAT an art journal!! So cool! She really made me feel like picking up my own art journal again, which I started a few months ago, but which still has only one page finished.. She is so talented, and so funny! It was great, even after seven hours of demoing that day, she was still energetic and made jokes and showed us loads of good stuff.

"Now, where is that page..?"


Doodling away...

Second I was at Tim's demo, his last this day. As he went into his nineth hour of demoing, he still had his eagerness and showed us loads of wonderful and cool techniques. Of course he was tired (I mean, who wouldn't be?!) Seeing this in real life was so surreal! There I was, standing just a few feet away from the greatest inspirator in my crafting "carreer". I was actually watching Tim Holtz (THE Tim Holtz!!!!) working, and he was talking to ME!!! (..don't mind the other 29 people.. haha.)
Mister Tim Holtz, ladies and gentlemen!

Tim and his Heat Tool...

"It just takes one hot breath..."
Tim presenting his new Compendium of Curiosities, vol. 2, which I of course got signed

During Tim's demo I chatted a bit with Mario Rossi. We had been tweeting a little earlier that day, and he'd told me to say Hello. Of course I was "very" preoccupied with the demo (in other words too shy to do so..), so he came up to me. Lovely Mario, mr BTS, in his shorts and with the world's biggest smile! Talking to him really made my evening complete.
So Thank you, Mario!
Who's got the biggest grin here..?
(This is Mario's picture of us, posted on Twitter. Thank you, Alain, for being the photographer!)

Tim and Dyan had a photo session taking pictures with each and every one of us at the end of the evening. Can you believe they did this with 180 + people?! So nice, these guys!!!
This is my pic with them. I wanted a goofy picture rather than a pretty-smiling-one, since that is more of my nature.. Haha.. :) Such fun!

Thank you, Tim, Dyan, Mario and Ellen (owner of Bikuben) for an unforgettable evening. Hope to see you guys back in Norway again - sooner rather than later! :)

..oh, and I just HAVE to add another bragging picture.. Now I have BOTH of Tim's books signed.. :)

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